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Audience demographics

On, you can reach a highly engaged audience of decision-makers as they actively seek solutions for their businesses.

Our reader base includes developers, marketers, agencies, CIO’s and other senior business executives that are in a way involved with cloud computing.


Daily uniques: 300-400
Daily impressions: 4000+
Monthly uniques: 11500
Monthly impressions: 75.000

Where do visitors come from?

A proportion of visitors are regular loyal readers, but most visitors arrive from search engines (organic traffic) for related keywords, including niche interest terms.

We also receive a fair amount of traffic from sites that have chosen to link to this site. Lastly, we see frequent large bursts in traffic when the content gets picked up by world leading (social) websites. We are welcoming visitors from both the US (72%) and Europe (26%). A small portion of the traffic (2%) comes from Asia.

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