What makes us unique

1. The entire system is build from scratch with the Codeigniter PHP framework. This allows us to constantly improve and launch new features on a regular basis (mostly weekly), in order to present you with the most advanced comparison sites you will ever see.

2. We are backed by $50,000 funding from Private Angel Investors. This allows us to grow fast and deliver a constant flow of targeted visitors and clients.

3. We have an obsessive SEO disorder: Every single page, digit, search query or image is optimized for the search engines. You wont see or prov1xxlogo.jpg on our sites; instead we’ll present you with clean and well structured urls such as and provider-logo.jpg , which is beneficial for both users and web crawlers.

4. We won’t blast our users with banner ads just to earn a buck. We are in this for the long run, creating a user centered experience is key to us. We want people to be able to choose the plan that’s tailored to their needs, not the plan that earns us the biggest commission. Like every healthy company we want to make money, but we rather choose quality over quantity.

5. We are not lazy: we manually added over 100 providers and 500 cloud hosting plans to the database. Including comments, options and custom specifications this equals more than 10.000 entries, not to mention the time it takes to look up and extract all the info.

6. We’re on top of the cloud computing industry, and blog about it as well.